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A rich history with healthy benefits for today's men, women & children!


Long Life Tea was developed over 400 years ago for the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty by his Royal Physicians.  The Emperor was very specific that his tea must provide pleasure & health, have an attractive appearance, and provide a pleasant aroma.

Today all Long Life Teas honor these same principals.  We create organic, good tasting healthy teas and each blend follows the Chinese philosophy of bringing balance and harmony.  Start your day with a fresh cup of Long Life Organic Green Tea or Organic Herbal Tea, and feel yourself being refreshed and cleansed from the inside.

All Long Life Teas use the finest quality certified organic herbs and teas.  Unlike other teas, all Long Life Teas are handcrafted.  Handcrafting requires extraordinary care.  Each time a new crop is harvested, the entire formula must be adjusted to guarantee its effectiveness, unique taste, consistency and flavor.  Since each crop varies, handcrafting ensures a precise blending each and every time. Long Life Teas are prepared using the standards of old world herbalist, passed down from generation to generation. 

Long Life Teas use absolutely no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavoring or coloring, offering a superior taste, product quality and health benefits.  The filter paper is not heat-sealable, therefore no type of glue has been added to it, the thread is made of natural cotton and the innovative method for fixing the thread does not use metal staples or adhesives, and each tag offers a special proverb.  Since both our internal and external environments are equally as important, our packaging is designed to minimize the impact on the earth and the environment.


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