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The Long Life Tea Story...

Our distinctive dry tea begins with 400 year old traditional tea recipes which include no artificial flavorings, sweeteners, colorings or preservatives. Our tea bags and filter papers are unbleached and Dioxin-free with unbleached 100% cotton strings. We do not use aluminum staples or glue. Individually wrapped envelopes are convenient for travel and each bag offers a special proverb as well. Our packaging is designed to be earth friendly. We use only recycled paperboard, soy-based inks and aqueous coatings. Long Life is a Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO) Manufacturer.

Once you purchase organic foods, you are making a healthy choice for you, your family and the planet. No harmful pesticides, antibiotics, irradiation or genetically modified organisms are used in the organically certified products. As defined by the National Organic Standards board, a government-appointed committee: Organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity, in an effort to enhance ecological harmony. Organic agriculture utilizes methods that minimize pollution from air, soil and water. The primary goal of organic agriculture is to optimize the health and productivity of the interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals and people. For products to be certified organic, they must meet or exceed these standards: Land on which organic food or fibers are grown must be free of prohibited substances for three years prior to certification. Farmers and processors must keep detailed records of methods and materials used in growing or processing organic products. All methods and materials are annually inspected by a third party certifier approved by the US Department of Agriculture. All farmers and handlers are required to maintain organic plans detailing their management practices. Be sure to check for the USDA organic seal.

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